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Shibsmas Games: 1st - 14th Dec

Everyday between 1st - 14th Dec we play games in discord. The winner gets what is behind the door that day - could be anything, Doges, Mutant Monkeys, Lotus Lads, Skeletons, SOL, etc. Join us and win, its fun!

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For a just cause

Make the world a better place by adopting a Shiba keeping it in safe hands, far away from trouble, in a happy home on the Solana blockchain. Help us save homeless dogs worldwide - 15% of all minting proceeds will go to charities we select together!

Meet the good bois

Shiba Collection is a gang of randomly generated NFTs living on the Solana blockchain. There are over 2222 different Shibas, some rarer than others. Every Shiba is unique, living forever on Arweave.

The Shib Vault

The Shib Vault is where we safely store NFTs and other assets of value. The goal of the vault is to create wealth for the community. 40% of royalties collected will go to the vault! We can buy monkeys, penguins, doges or whatever we want! All Shib holders will truly own these assets.

The Shib DAO

The Shib DAO will allow all members to vote and be a part of what to do with the assets stored in the Shib Vault. Airdrops? Giveaways? We can do whatever we want! πŸŽ‰

The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound is roaming through the streets, catching cheap Shibas. The Dog Pound, you say? What is it?

40% of royalties collected is added to The Dog Pound’s wallet. The Dog Pound roams through the Solana marketplaces and buys the cheapest Shibas, ”sweeping the floor,” raising prices. These Shibas will be taken out of circulation ("burned").

This rewards diamond hand hodlers by raising the floor price, reducing the total supply, generating value, and increasing prices for all Shiba Collection NFTs.

The result? Shibas to the moon! πŸš€πŸŒ™



The battle has begun

We scout for charities to vote on which ones to donate 15% of the mint proceeds to



10 Shibas are released from The Dog Pound - 10 lucky holders will receive airdrops



We form the Shib Vault and start putting some assets into giving back to the community!


SHIB DAO + Marketplaces

Formation of the Shib DAO. 1 Shiba gives 1 vote. We also list on marketplaces.


Price action

We start voting on what to do with the funds currently in the Shib Vault. Buy floor doges? Buy other NFTs and airdrop? Use SOL to stabilize price?


Go crazy

We celebrate the mint completion by voting which charities to donate funds to. We also buy a floor SMB (50k USD) + Doge Cap (500 USD) and let the community decide what to do with. On top of this, we airdrop a 1/1 legendary piece, seen to the left, The Shibternal.
Only Shiba with blue laser eyes! ZOOOOOM!


No, we are not. We love the Doges and will talk about partnering later. Shibas and doges play well together for sure.

Presale is sold out. Public mint will be 1 SOL.

Presale is sold out!

Phantom. is the one we recommend! Can be downloaded here

They are burned. This is to increase scarcity. The less Shibas that exists, the more value they have!

Presale is sold out! Public mint coming.

300 is pre-minted, for giveawyas, contests and airdrops
300 is for presale, available to mint right now
737 is for public sale, and will be live on this website after presale.

As soon as mint is done!

15% of public minting proceeds will go towards saving homeless dogs. We are passionate about this and will select charities and vote on which ones to donate to.

Yes, there is, 5% total.
2% of the aftermarket sales go to The Dog Pound wallet.
2% goes to the Shib Vault for the DAO to vote on what to do with.
1% goes to the team for further development and maintenance.



Lead & Design


Master of Matrix